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Street Photography is about Human Expressions!
Lalit Deshmukh | 31 December

In street Photography one of the most important elements is the expression of people. Capturing it requires a lot of

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Ladakh, Dark Monasteries and Portraiture using Rim Light
Lalit Deshmukh | 8 March

I was in Ladakh, leading a photo tour in 2014. My group was fully immersed into the peaceful atmosphere of the Thiksey

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Portrait of a Bird
Lalit Deshmukh | 25 February

Photographing a portrait of a bird is no easy task, if you are looking for an utmost quality. Here on

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Wildlife Photography and Shutter Priority Mode
Lalit Deshmukh | 23 February

Flying birds or running animal, shall I use the Tv or S or shutter priority mode over the aperture priority?

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Lalit Deshmukh | 11 June

Vastness: One thing that I had felt when I first went toIdaho… is vastness. Long stretches of vallies with mountains

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Himalyan Heights
Lalit Deshmukh | 25 July

You know it… when you get there. If you survive the long drives and treks to reach to even see

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