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Darters Fight (join me in Bharatpur photo tour from 2-7 February, 2019… Call number on my profile)

It was my first ever trip to Bharatpur. One one afternoon after lunch I set out for a photo stroll looking for some opportunity. I noticed a darter in the pond nearby. His snake like neck was swiftly gliding above the surface of the water. In few minutes I noticed another one and they seems to be constantly moving side by side or crossing each other. I was watching this in amusement and the curiosity of the water ballet like synchronized performance, then a rikshawala guide said that they will fight now. I was unprepared for this, however I was smart enough to quickly set the shutter speed to 1/1000 seconds at 400 iso. I put aperture to f7.1 to ensure both birds come in acceptable dof. With AI servo auto focus and high speed continuous mode on my 7d with 100-400mm lens, I was able to photograph this natural history moment. 
Gear used 
Camera @canon 7d
Lens @canon 100-400mm
Polarizer @schneideroptics


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