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The most essential accessories for the closeup photography of flowers..

1. Camera with Macro lens

2. Tripod

3. Remote cable

4. Handheld flash

5. Small reflector if possible

When taking such pictures, I look for good ambient light. I suggest you use the lens to look for the composition you want. Always set your camera on a tripod to achieve the same exact composition. Then ensure that the mirror lockup is turned on. Don’t use the camera shutter button, instead  use the cable remote. Wait for the utmost stop in the wind to achieve the sharp image. If the shadows are distracting, then use the small gold-silver reflector to fill in such shadows and yet achieve natural ambience. Its only when you need to freeze the motion caused by wind or the insect, think of flash. Another reason to use flash here, is when you need to selectively expose certain area that is less exposed due to the shadow.

Monsoon Flower By Lalit Deshmukh
Monsoon Flower By Lalit Deshmukh




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