Merge in with the Plunge – Waterfall from Meghalaya

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Lush green fields to rolling hills, roaring waterfalls to humming wind, the roof of blue-grey clouds to glistening sunlight, rainbows in the sky to shimmering stars, from the chill of the hills to the hot and humid forests at lower heights.

I have enjoyed seeing innumerable locations throughout. I have taken some of my most favorite waterfall images here, yet this probably remains my most favorite image from the trip.

While I enjoy taking grander landscapes, I always have my one mind open to seeing abstracts in nature. After reaching Bri ki Synrag and spending 3 hours taking traditional landscapes, I came across this beautiful waterfall plunging about 150 ft from a cliff. It is such music to listen to the waterfalls. You know, many times you start hearing their sound from a distance and as you start coming closer, it starts to get louder. You take that one last turn and then it amazes you with its sight and sound. You start to get closer and then it sprays water on you. 

After looking at this waterfall and enjoying it, I decided to get into the cave formed behind the fall. Again here instead of taking any traditional shots, I decided to put the plastic casing over the camera. I spent the next one and a half hours while water was constantly plunging over my camera. I decided to take this unusual angle and position. Most times we take from the edges…where it begins or ends. Here taking this image from the middle, gave me a feeling to join this midway. 

The sheer blue-grey curtain of water dominates the image while the golden reddish rocks still giving a chance to shine. 

Camera Canon 7D, 10-22 mm lens, B&W Polarizer

[ Photographed in the rainy state of India – Meghalaya in 2017 ]