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Purity by Lalit Deshmukh
Purity by Lalit Deshmukh

On a seemingly a mediocre place in the summer days for a landscape photographer, we had stopped. I took a few minutes to change the lens, before going outside the snow-coach we were traveling in. The temperature outside was 25 below. That would probably crystalize any moisture inside the camera. Took two shots, before I got a call from my friend, Dr. Chandramouli. Quickly I followed. Our snowcoach driver had already called us back. I then stuck my feet in the same pits as my friend. And there this was.. Something unbelievable. Something heavenly. The early morning light fell on the canopy filled with the snow. In the canyon it was trying to illuminate the fog that was lifting from the warmer waters. Couple of swans were gliding on the pool above, intermittently becoming visible as the fog moved with the slight breeze as it broke through the canyon. Water was unaffected by this cold..and that truly brought life to this snow-laden landscape.

The frigid cold had already made my fingers numb.
Just two clicks, and I had to turn back. In a moment I drank it inside me. I gave a passionate flying kiss to this mother earth, as I always did in such situations when the joy of the beauty sunk in. Here it is that one of the most beautiful moment of my life… forever to remember… forever to relive…


  • shailaja deshpande
    March 17, 2015, 1:50 am  Reply

    Dear Lalit Sir ! I do not want just to comment that the photograph is beautiful but it is actually talking to us.. The whole landscape sinks within you slowly. Then your words keep giving you a memory landscape when you are off screen….

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