Rain in Srinagar

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The rain has stopped now. Few meters away on the street the traffic is active again. The horns and sounds of the cars and jeeps have taken the place of the delicate beautiful sounds of the raindrops falling on the tin sheds of the houseboats. As the evening is falling the chirping swallows seem to have returned to their homes. Shikara drivers may now start again to give pleasure rides to the tourists, the lights will now turn on and will reflect in the waters below. The Shikaras will create waves and the colorful reflections will now fight to keep ithemselves still. The couples will be lost in the romantic moments togther while having the time of their lives, while the Shikara Driver manuevers through the traffic, probably thinking about his family waiting for his return.

The cold breeze has started now. A couple of friends want to experience another Shikara ride. I am still dwelling on whether to go or not?

Few minutes later…. We are in Shikara now. Jackets are out now.


Cloudy skies. chill in the breeze. Calm waters of the lake and gliding Shikara .


  • Priya bhat
    May 25, 2012, 1:33 pm  Reply

    It must be truly an experience … Thanks Lalit Sir for sharing those beautiful moments,
    every step with us…
    Your photos make it extra special….

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