The Willow Tree of Hope and Perseverance

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There is a willow tree in the lake. Lake gets water from mountains that surround him. The tree stands in cold water. The Willow tree survives storms, and weathers rain, snow or strong winds. He blooms in the spring and summer and goes bare in winter for survival.  He knows not every day is the same. The willow tree watches the rising and setting of the sun. He stands alone at night, makes the company with the moon and the stars. He witnesses stars and galaxies as they move around him. Willow tree bears the hatred attacks but grows again.  Willow Tree offers joy. Willow tree means perseverance. The willow tree gives hope. 

Hang on.  The mother earth will take care of us. It’s time for us to respect and retrospect. We have been asked to slow down. Let us. Let us keep our whims, egos, ambitions away. Let’s come together to the simplest things that made us human, while we shred anything unnecessary away. Respect every earthling. Practice “Live and let live”. It’s the only way to exist happily..symbiotically with another.  Mother earth will once again embrace us with love and care. Keep the faith. Take care and spread love.