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Flying birds or running animal, shall I use the Tv or S or shutter priority mode over the aperture priority?

Of course, as a new SLR user everyone thinks of this. Sounds pretty logical. Eh?

Well, the answer is No. I still suggest you to use the Av or A mode. Av allows you to set the widest aperture you have on the lens ensuring the maximum possible light in the lens.

If you choose the shutter priority mode, and set a fast shutter speed, then you may get an image left under exposed, true more in the low light conditions (and BTWwhen do you see birds or animals more in the jungle? hi hi hi ;-).

[Alarm rings]  ***DISTRACTION ALERT*** (Get your brain back to the point Lalit)

So, Why is that? Why does it get underexposed?  Its simpler than we think. At fast shutter speed, camera looks for the wide aperture. well what if the light is low and the widest aperture has already reached? [GOTCHA] There is no chance for the camera to do it further.

Well don’t you have the same challenge using the aperture priority mode? [CONFUSION CONFUSION] Of course, you have.  And then there is no choice but to turn the master key of the ISO.

Then why? Why Aperture Priority mode?

Well Aperture priority has a major advantage in terms of the depth you can choose. Right? Doesn’t that help us make a creative decision about the foreground and background?

If in the bright light, lets say you use the shutter priority mode and by chance of light, it leaves you with small aperture, and brings all the clumsy background behind your main subject? Then ?

With Aperture mode, I can decide if I want the foreground or background, the depth of field in short and then ensure the shutter speed is right enough.

[***ring ring***] Class ends. Any questions? Throwwwww at me………



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