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Ladakh, Dark Monasteries and Portraiture using Rim Light
Lalit Deshmukh | 8 March

I was in Ladakh, leading a photo tour in 2014. My group was fully immersed into the peaceful atmosphere of the Thiksey

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Sky Kept Falling…
Lalit Deshmukh | 4 March

Sky Kept Falling… Our photography tour had ended. All had left, except me and my close friend and supporter Shrinivas.

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A Zanskarpa Woman
Lalit Deshmukh | 3 March

A Zanskarpa Woman I had insisted we visit her house on our way back. Shree also agreed. He and I

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Himalyan Heights
Lalit Deshmukh | 25 July

You know it… when you get there. If you survive the long drives and treks to reach to even see

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