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Favorite 41 – Return to the USA
Lalit Deshmukh | 8 January

It has been just over a year, that I have moved to USA, with my family. Many of my friends

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Clouds Were Below
Lalit Deshmukh | 30 April

“Clouds Were Below” It was the seventh day of our trekking expedition to Roopkund. At an elevation of above 14000

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The Willow Tree of Hope and Perseverance
Lalit Deshmukh | 30 March

There is a willow tree in the lake. Lake gets water from mountains that surround him. The tree stands in

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Fascination with the salt flats of the Death valley
Lalit Deshmukh | 24 March

There are always some things about nature that lure you more than the other. The Badwater salt flats are the

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The Day’s End…
Lalit Deshmukh | 14 February

I was walking on this trail after 14 years. My children were little, I showed them the colorful tidepools with

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Yosemite Backcountry Surprise
Lalit Deshmukh | 10 February

When I look at this picture today, I am mesmerized by the colors more than anything. I actually consider myself

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Merge in with the Plunge – Waterfall from Meghalaya
Lalit Deshmukh | 26 January

Lush green fields to rolling hills, roaring waterfalls to humming wind, the roof of blue-grey clouds to glistening sunlight, rainbows

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Impending Storm at Lake Hawea, New Zealand
Lalit Deshmukh | 16 January

It was a a gloomy, cloudy day when I started my travel from Wanaka to the west coast of South

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Passing on the Torch
Lalit Deshmukh | 11 January

It was our fourth day and we were glued to this place. Monsoon was almost here. We could smell it

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Forever Dreams
Lalit Deshmukh | 22 December

I love seeing dreams. During nights. During days. They arrive while resting.. working. I welcome them. Yes, I entertain them.

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