Impending Storm at Lake Hawea, New Zealand

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It was a a gloomy, cloudy day when I started my travel from Wanaka to the west coast of South New Zealand Island. I took a route through the valley on the west of the Wanaka lake. In about 30 minutes, I came across this another large water-body, called  Lake Hawea. On a clear day, I am sure this must have been really pretty turquoise blue. I can’t imagine how beautiful the light will be reflected here at dawn or dusk. However, here I was in the late morning, just en-route, completely missing this at the golden hour. Yet there was something special.

When I first got s glimpse of this lake, I saw the clouds had encroached the skies. It felt so fearsome. But there were a few sun-rays that were shining through the clouds in the gap between the mountains. It looked so enticing. I started looking for a place to pull over. On my right I found one. I quickly got down, and rushed with my camera and tripod. I walked to the lake and to my disappointment the rays had disappeared. So I started exploring further towards the east. I did not realize that I walked at least a quarter of a mile. As I reached near the lake, strangely and very suddenly I started getting painful sensation over my exposed skin like neck, face and especially my open feet. I did not wear my shoes in a hurry and was wearing my floaters. I looked down and saw these tiny black flies all over my feet and on my hands. They, being so small looked so harmless. But when I tried to move them away, I realized these were vampires, hoarding and piercing my skin and sucking the blood. They were also so adamant, they would not go away and escaped very easily when I tried to kill them. My son was standing by my side and he told me these were the sand-flies. We both were now starting to feel them even on our backs as they found their way through some opening by the neck collar. Just then the light started to appear again. I stopped scratching my feet and ignored all the pain.  I took two or three compositions for the next 20-30 minutes. This is the one, I liked the most where there was a small, quiet pool that could bring the reflection of the clouds, a small sand bridge between the pool and the lake, mountains and the sun-rays in the far end. The whole scene was so monochromatic, that instead of the grandness of the scene. I was moved by not having any colors and its simple and minimalist presence . 

My feelings about this landscape began to express in my mind, while I looked around… Grander than the mountains and light, I felt lost in the serenity of the pool and the dry bush in it. I happen to give a human perspective many times to any element of the earth… living or nonliving. Here is my expression to it – “On a grand backdrop of mountains and large lake, a small pool is trying to keep its calm existence between the rounded pebbles. Incoming wind and fearsome clouds signal the approaching autumn storm. Far away between the mountain the sun is struggling to shine through. Bright rays seem to go weaker and  move farther and farther. A small dry bush is its only companion, as it prepares for the change. They both have seen it through and survived in the past. It watches the scene quietly in its own mirror and for that it must conserve its individuality.