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Yosemite Backcountry Surprise
Lalit Deshmukh | 10 February

When I look at this picture today, I am mesmerized by the colors more than anything. I actually consider myself

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Andaman with Lalit – Travel & Photography Tour by Impressions
Lalit Deshmukh | 19 November

  Deep blue sea and Floating islands… Splashing waves and thumping sounds… Pampering sand and indulged minds… Freedom fishes and

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Tadoba Wildlife Photography Tour
Lalit Deshmukh | 13 October

Tour Dates: 2 – 6 December 2017 Tour Highlights: > 4 Jungle rides. > wildlife Photography education from Lalit Deshmukh

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Basic Photography Workshop
Lalit Deshmukh | 6 March

Objective: ·Understand fundamental photography techniques in digital camera and how to use them practically. ·Develop a very good photographer’s eye.

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A Zanskarpa Woman
Lalit Deshmukh | 3 March

A Zanskarpa Woman I had insisted we visit her house on our way back. Shree also agreed. He and I

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Macro Photography 1- Field Guide and Process
Lalit Deshmukh | 3 March

The most essential accessories for the closeup photography of flowers.. 1. Camera with Macro lens 2. Tripod 3. Remote cable

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